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Who were the Samurai?  What was their role in Japan?  What kinds of weapons and armor did they use?  These questions and many more will be answered as you work in small groups to complete this assignment.  Please keep an open mind as you learn about these warriors.

Step 1 - Before your group learns more about samurai, please go to the class stream and read the first two pages linked in the gcr.

Play Rabbit samurai! 

Slice some Sushi!

More Sushi fun!

Step 2 - As a group, participate in the Japanese Feudal Interactive.

Step 3 - Use the documents below to complete the Google Form found in the class stream as a group.  Each member is responsible for 5 questions.  DO NOT submit your answers until the group has agreed on each answer.

Step 4 - Click here or on the picture to your right to access your Samurai show and tell project choices.  Every student must participate in the creation and presentation of a project.