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Ramadan Station

What is Ramadan?  What do Muslims do during Ramadan?  Why is Ramadan important to Muslims?  You will answer these questions and more in a small group by completing a Google Form (group) and sharing a story about determination.  (individual).   REMINDER:  Cooperation and communication are necessary when completing the Google Form.

1.  As a group, complete this Google Form.  Each person is responsible for 5 questions.  DO NOT SUBMIT THE FORM UNTIL THERE IS GROUP CONSENSUS ON EACH QUESTION.

2.  What is determination?  share a story about a difficult challenge you have faced in your lifetime.    include the following in your presentation:

a.  a quote about determination

b.  a personal experience describing an obstacle you faced and how determination played a role in overcoming that obstacle.

c. Your story will be posted through a nearpod found in the class stream.