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Who were the Medici's?  How did they influence the Renaissance?  Which Medici family member are you most like?  You will answer these questions and more while completing the Medici activity page.  Remember, keep an open mind and have fun while you learn!

part i

The medici family controlled the city of florence. explore the city of florence by visiting any two tourist sites.  After viewing the 3-d pictures and skimming the reading complete the following on your class padlet:

1.  which two sites did you visit?

2.  use several complete sentences to describe what you think renaissance florence might have been like based on the pictures and text.

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GROUP DISCUSSION:  After visiting florence in a virtual tour and watching a video about the medici family, what are your impressions of either the city or the medici family?

Group Discussion:  Now that you know much more about Florence and the Medici family, how has your impression of the city or the family changed?  what do you have in common with the family members?