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Mansa musa, mali,  and the gold salt trade

Who was Mansa Musa?  why is he famous?  What kind of a leader was Mansa musa?  You will answer these questions and more as you explore one of the great west african empires: mali.  as you complete the activities, keep an open mind and work closely with your team.  communication is the key to success.  good luck!

Bill Gates?  Jeff Bezos?  Warren Buffet?  None of these guys were as rich as Mansa Musa!  Click on the picture or this link and complete an EdPuzzle about the leader of Mali and the richest man in the history of the world.

Group Google Form:  You are responsible for answering the 5 questions that go with your document.  Each question will overlap with another group member.'s questions  Once you have completed your questions, share with your team members.  DO NOT SUBMIT UNTIL THERE IS AGREEMENT FOR EACH QUESTION.

just like rome, The people of mali lived in a wealthy empire with art, culture, and entertainment.   Take some time to try the west african game Mancala.  Start with your team mates.  Do you have what it takes to be the champ?  Click on the game and find out!