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Who were the Mongols?  Where was their empire?  Who was Genghis Khan?  How did the Mongols impact history?  These questions and more will be answered as you work in small groups.  Keep an open mind and follow the protocols we have been using all year.

Study the countries of East Asia  by clicking on the picture.  

If you master all of the countries of East asia, try studying southeast asia.

Use your document to answer the Google Form questions.  The Google form can be found in the class stream.   Remember, do not submit your answers until you have discussed each question with your group.  This will count as a quiz grade.

Document A

Document B

Document C

Document D

advanced readers only!

learn more about temujin by clicking

on the picture!

Review Asian geography.  Click on the picture to identify the countries of East and Southeast Asia.  Go ahead and learn more if you can!

In your group, create a quizlet review that contains at least 10 vocabulary words from the genghis Khan readings.  Each team member is responsible for contributing questions.  (You may help each other!) You will import the quizlet to gimkit so the class can play.