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Who was genghis khan?  Where was he from?  what was the relationship between the mongols and the european renaissance?  you will answer these questions and many more as you complete the activities below.  keep an open mind and have fun while you learn about an intense man and the largest empire (land area) in world history!

Part 2 - The mongols used horses and archery to quickly conquer many enemies.  Watch the video and try both video games.

Watch this video of Mongolian horseback riders shooting arrows.  What do you think of the landscape?  What did you notice about the riders?

Play this archery game.  

Are you Mongolian level?

Be like the Mongols!  Conquer civilizations!

Part III

Watch the short video and read the list of 10 "Things You May Not Know..."  Complete the survey question.  Be prepared to discuss your answer with the class.

Part IV

Read the Junior Scholastic article by clicking on the picture above and complete The google form in the classroom.   This assignment will be graded.