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School crosswalk: waiting for a disaster

Thomas Jefferson Middle School is facing a dangerous problem.  For years, students and administrators have unsuccessfully tried to solve this problem.  Will you be able to help?

Crossing Division Street from the teacher's parking lot is often a dangerous and scary journey.  Cars regularly drive by at speeds in excess of 45 MPH.  Any student who has been dropped off in the morning will know this.  Why are students and teachers subjected to this risk on a daily basis?  How can we get cars to slow down before a tragic accident occurs?

You are tasked with finding possible solutions to this problem AND implementing your ideas.  In small groups of 2-4 students you will need to complete the following:

1.  What are some possible ways to slow down traffic on Division St.?  What evidence do you have that there is a problem?

2.  What are some arguments against your possible solutions?

3.  Who might be able to help you solve this problem?  How will we contact them?

Find your class below and add your ideas to the document.  We will discuss a plan of action as a class once all ideas have been explored and discussed.