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castle activity page

Find the castle notes in the class stream.  You will use them to label a castle picture.

Use the embedded text and your notes to complete the Google form found in the class stream.

Use the documents below to complete the google form found in the class stream.  check each other's work before you submit!

Watch the Horrible Histories video below.  Ewww!


Castle Assignment

(you may work with a partner)

1.  Find a castle photo or sketch that you can label.

2.  Use Google Draw to label 7 parts of a castle.  You may only use 5 terms we covered in class.  The other 2 terms must be researched.

3.  Write a paragraph on the drawing that explains why you think castles were an important part of medieval times.  Provide examples or evidence linked to your paragraph.

4.  You will share your mini-project on a padlet.

Here are some helpful links for your research (Feel free to research your own links :  1     2     3    4