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Camel Station

Why are we studying camels?  What role did they play in the development of the middle east?  your group will use several readings and videos to complete a google form.   you will then be tasked with creating a camel diagram using the "Draw it" function of nearpod.

1.  Complete the Google Form as a group.  Each group member must submit a form!  Make sure you check your partners answers before accepting them as correct.

2.  Use the "draw it" function on nearpod to create a diagram of a camel.  Provide at least 5 "points" illustrating why camels are perfectly suited for desert survival.  

3.  Also in the nearpod, write a brief paragraph explaining why you think camels have played in important role in the development of the middle east.

Period 1 Camel nearpod

PEriod 3 camel nearpod

period 4 camel nearpod

period 5 camel nearpod

period 7 camel nearpod