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PART 2 - Use the links below to answer questions on a Google Form. Continue to use the protocols we have been using all year.  do not submit any work until all answers have been shared and reviewed.  cooperation and teamwork are essential.
PART 3 - Watch the BrainPop video about the origins of Chocolate! 
Just for fun, take the Review quiz when done. Can you score 100%?
  • where does chocolate come from and how is it harvested?
  • How did the Aztecs and Mayans enjoy chocolate? 
  • What is the difference between ancient and modern-day chocolate?
  • Find out all this and more as you watch Tim and Moby!

Play a video game.  An all-time Tex-mex great.  Make some Tacos!  

PART 4 - Create an exciting menu for an Aztec celebration! 

I. Craft an authentic Aztec menu using a digital platform of your choice.  Canva and postermywall are two sites with nice menu templates you can steal.   Also, You will need to conduct some research. Use the links.(Do not simply "Google" a Mexican restaurant!)

II. Make it decorative  by USing Colors and images inspired by Aztec life.

III. You must include the following:

  • Meat
  • Vegetables
  • Grains 
  • Dessert
IV. Provide pictures and an appetizing description of the food.  Advanced learners can place a modern twist on the food choices.

V. Attach your menu to the class stream.


Bring in a dish inspired by Mesoamerican Cuisine!

Click here!