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Who was Joan of Arc?  Why is her story important?  who is the most important woman you have read about or know?  These questions and many more will be answered as you compete the Joan of Arc activity page.  Keep an open mind and have fun while you learn about Saint Joan!

part i
Read the Diane Stanley Joan of Arc book (NOT DIGITAL...GET A COPY IN CLASS!)  If you wouild like to learn more about joan watch the Animated Hero Classic: Joan of Arc.  be patient, This assignment will take some time.

part II

each group member will review a document.  complete the group google form when you have thoroughly examined your document.  submit one group form for a grade.

Part III

Sign up for VOICETHREAD.  make a short video or audio recording that includes the following:

1.  Explain why you think it is important to recognize women in history. 

2. Use audio or video to describe an important woman in your life.  include who she is/was and why she is important to you. 

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Period 1

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

PEriod 7